Un-Small your Business. Be a Ground Floor Business.

You’re Not “Tiny” or “Insignificant” or “Small” Business

Last week was Small Business week, celebrating entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and all the Hutzpah and Gumption of the American Business Pioneers.

As this week comes to a close, can I tell you that I HATE the term “Small Business”.  

You wouldn’t call yourself a tiny or insignificant business would you?

What does small mean: little, minute, diminutive, tiny, miniature, petite, undersized. 

It’s ridiculous if you think about it. It’s not “Mid-Market” or “Enterprise” businesses that make up the largest group in our economy. At any given point in time in our recent history, this business class provides between 60 to 80 percent of the jobs in the US.

Is that small? Collectively, no.

If we believe we are small, talk small, then we “think and act” small. If we become the very things we think, then I politely refuse the term, “Small Business” (and, maybe not so politely).

From a mindset shift, how about we use terms such as “Ground Story Business” or “Level One Enterprise” or “Foundational Business”. These terms imply there is a solid base and potential for growth – a mindset we should foster and adopt for business, for our economy, right? Most big businesses started with an idea, an entrepreneur, grit, drive, determination, hard work and growth. Not every business needs or should be a mega business but that doesn’t mean they aren’t “significant”.

I’ve laid the foundation, built the frame, run the plumbing and electricity to make this baby go. This foundation is solid and we plan to build many stories up.

Did you build a “tiny” business? A “minute” organization? Are you an “undersized” entrepreneur?

I don’t think so . . .

Redefine your terms.

“Un-small” your business. Who’s with me? How do you define YOUR business?

Until next time, keep kickin’ butt!


small thinking limits achievement. small business is not small thinking

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