Everyone is talking about transparency—from the NFL to Corporate policies, to your love life and relationships, being Transparent is not new but receiving increased importance when we factor it in our equation of Trust. With access to nearly unlimited information on products, services, companies and people, information is no longer the key of the seller...
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It’s an amazing marvel to watch my 5 year old work technology. Navigating Netflix on a tablet or doing Math games on a computer, I am in awe at how easily and intuitively they navigate something that is mystical, perplexing and a continuous moving target. They have no context of B.I. – Before Internet, and...
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A couple of years ago, I had a big meeting. A really great prospect for whom I had finally found the right opening accepted a request to meet to talk about his problems and my potential solution. Getting ready that morning, I put on my favorite suit. You know the one, THE suit, that makes ya feel good,...
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