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The Best Picture for Inspiring Sales Movie Goes To . . .

It’s awards season! The time of year when actors, singers, and celebrities get squeezed into their shiny dresses, dipped in glitter, and walk those red carpets. We celebrate the TV shows, films, and music that move us to tears, make us laugh, or put us on the edge of our seats.

We thought it was time to add another Champagne worthy show and here at The Selling Agency, we’ve teamed up with The Irreverent Sales Girl, Dianna Geairn, to host our own Awards Show on our weekly YouTube Channel “The Sell Out Show“. This red carpet special celebrates the best films throughout the years that demonstrate fantastic sales principles and have the potential to inspire, motivate, and teach sellers some of those skills you can’t always find in a textbook.

These are probably not what you expect from our pool of “Sales” movies. I mean, there is one you might be expecting, but other than that, we think you’ll be surprised.

Here are the categories for Best Picture in Sales . . .

  • Best Picture that Demonstrates Sales Grit
  • Best Picture that Demonstrates Perseverance
  • Best Picture that Demonstrates Sales Agility
  • Best Picture that Demonstrates Sales Call Training
  • Best Picture that Demonstrates Selling a Value Proposition
  • Sales Picture Lifetime Achievement Award 

No spoilers – you’ll have to watch The Sell Out Show clip below to see our picks!

Do you have a movie that has exemplary sales or selling moments? Leave it in the comments below and we may talk about it on a follow-up edition of The Sell Out Show!

Until next time, stop hoping, start SELLING!



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