Shawn Karol Sandy

“Wow! I cannot wait to get back to the office to try out these new tools and methods!” – VP of Sales at Online Recruiting Organization

Maintaining the Status Quo is a gift TO YOUR COMPETITORS. Hearing the same old feel good, “rah-rah” speech will NOT produce new results or help you put distance between you and your competitors – who are all looking to chip away at your customers.

What you CAN do, is innovate and differentiate. Work to profoundly understand and connect with your customers AND Ignite the fire within your sales and ops teams. Fuel your talent with inspiring and forward-thinking strategies. Humor, fun, entertainment, activity, contextual examples, and applicable actions are why people remember Shawn as the highlight of any event.

We’ve designed incredibly interactive and “unexpected” keynotes and breakout sessions. Audiences that attend Shawn’s sessions are seeing remarkable improvement and rapid adoption (because the takeaways are “sticky and memorable”).

As a speaker, Shawn aims to move, compel, and inspire. She’s entertaining and personally relevant in a way that leads to changed behavior, practiced habits, improved skills, and ultimately, MORE PROFITABLE SALES!

Shawn’s Badass Conference and Sales Kickoff Topics –


Imagine your organization is a boat with 12 people and only 4 are rowing. WHY wouldn’t you give oars to the other 8 people in the boat?

Okay, maybe you’re not a boat person. Think about it this way – would you only inflate ONE tire on your vehicle? How inefficient is that?!?

Why are you ONLY training the SALES team to be part of your REVENUE game?

Get your ENTIRE team contributing to your financial success by “Building a Selling Organization.”

In this Session, Shawn lays out the 4 Key Components in your plan to Build Your Selling Organization: 

  • Keynote 45 minutes
  • Breakout 45 minutes
  • Workshop 60 to 90 minutes

What does it take to earn business and drive revenue in this new landscape of remote working, digital distraction, and next-gen culture?

It takes an organization that’s willing to GO-ALL-IN on getting OUT-OF-THE-BOX.

In this session, you’ll learn how to –

  • Attract Phenomenal Employees and Sales Team Members
  • Create Sales Leadership Across Departments
  • Become Magnetic to Your Customer Base

This session is offered as a – 

  • Keynote 45 minutes
  • Breakout 45 minutes
  • Workshop 90 to 120 minutes


Getting what you want means taking risks. As women, we’ve been told our entire lives to “Be careful, play it safe, don’t do that or climb that – you could fall down, you could get hurt.”

We’ve been conditioned to see challenges through fearful filters. 

How do we challenge and change those intuitive reactions after decades of conditioning?

We have to Practice Taking Risks

In this session, Shawn helps her audience create a roadmap to becoming BadAss, and a Brave, Bold Betty – a woman willing to “risk it for the biscuit.”

This session is offered as a : 

  • Keynote 45 minutes
  • Breakout 60 minutes
When it comes to attracting and compelling new customers – standing out in the “sea of same” is a HUGE advantage. Getting someone to notice you, walk through your door, take your call, listen, or read your email gives you an immediate leg up from the throngs of your competitors that are still being ignored.
In this session, you’ll dig deep to learn how to harness the most POWERFUL asset you can use to grow your business: YOU.
Your Personality IS your competitive advantage. 
First, we must DEPROGRAM the boring, blah, and bland business persona you’ve been taught.
In this session, Shawn has the audience dig deep to create a plan to make YOU a magnet for business, opportunities, and talent. When you leave, you’ll understand – 
  • The psychology behind attraction and influence
  • The differences between personality, persona, and professionalism
  • Where and how to leverage your YOU-nique YOU-ness in your sales process

This session is offered as a – 

  • Keynote 45 minutes
  • Breakout 45 minutes
  • Workshop 90 to 120 minutes


For more topics and ideas to move your audience, visit our blog, The Pipeline, and get a feel for our bold, direct, and humorous delivery.

Let’s talk about how we bring fire, personality, AND hella-smart actionable content to your team, your audience, or your events.

What Our Clients and Audiences Say . . .

  • After working with Shawn, our team had immediately applicable and useable processes to widen our prospect base and increase our funding pipeline. Even more effective was her approach to confidence building by working with real life examples and scenarios to coach our Development Department through a challenging transition time. I highly recommend partnering with Shawn and her team to implement sales strategies, train new employees, evaluate current sales staff performance and build an overall successful sales or fundraising department.

    Casey Kaufman Tansey
    Director of Development, Make A Wish Midsouth
  • Shawn Sandy has a true gift of coaching and connecting with the audience. I first experienced Shawn’s power of connecting during her presentation at a women’s conference, the message she was delivering was on target and has forever motivated me to function on a higher level as a woman of influence. I was so moved by her ability to connect with the audience that I raved about her for weeks to the head of my department, knowing that Shawn was the person who could provide the coaching that our management team so desperately wanted and needed I was relentless in requesting that we bring her in to the next quarterly manager’s meeting. A few months later Shawn was in front of my team challenging them to be better managers and leaders. The group was so impressed by the session that we brought her back a second time!

    Lisa Thorn
    Executive Assistant to the Director of Global Operations, Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd.
  • After one hour of strategy to secure sponsors and donors for this new music ensemble, listening to [Shawn’s] voice and her tone as a business woman, she gave me the tools and the confidence to go for it! I hit our goal and raised $10,000 in just 4 weeks!

    Anne Decker
    Composer, Conductor and Executive Director, TURNMusic

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