Blog: The Pipeline

Dealing with the “Brush OFF” – How Successful Sellers Respond to Buyer Push Back

When is the last time a stranger surprised you? Made you stop in your tracks, jerked you out of your “zone” and piqued your interest?...
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Are you blending into the sales herd?

Dear Salesperson: Your Sales Messages Are Crap!

Dear Salesperson, It’s time for a heart-to-heart. I do appreciate your questions. I do. But I find myself giving the same answer over and over...
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Find customers right under your nose

Breathe new life into your sales pipeline by improving these two skills

In a previous BrightTalk webinar, I surveyed the audience of sellers and asked, “What is your biggest challenge in prospecting?” I thought the results were...
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Tie your shoes and get in the sales game

Tie Your Shoes and Get in the Sales Game: A Sales Tale about Practice and Improvement

At a friend’s recommendation a while back, I read a short but poignant book by Jon Gordon: Training Camp, A Fable About Excellence. You may...
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A clear path to sales productivity

How to Clear the Path to More Selling Time

The question I ask sellers and business owners most often is, “What’s the biggest obstacle to where you are now and achieving your sales goals?”...
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More prequalifying and less guessing in sales

Why Should Sellers Spend More Time Pre-Qualifying Prospects?

In an interview by Paul Watts for his show Sales Reinvented Podcast he asked me “What’s one thing you wish you knew earlier in your...
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