4th quarter sales push

What’s Your 4th Quarter Sales Push?

The Holidays are about to roll in and roll over us in all their festive and glittery glory. It seems once we pass Turkey day, the remaining few weeks of the year pick up steam like a snowball rolling downhill.

For business, that means we’re starting to think about wrapping things up this year, taking stock of where we are, and creating a plan for next year.

This is also when people start to freak out a little about being off of their revenue or sales projections for the year. And with this, sometimes comes desperation and as we like to say, “Desperation is a stinky, stinky cologne.”

Here’s a smart and more profitable way to approach your end-of-year sales push from fellow Women Sales Pro, Kendra Lee, of the KLA Group, which specializes in prospecting and lead generation. Her advice for the 4th quarter push:

“Prospect, Don’t Discount”.

The fourth quarter often inspires businesses or sales leaders to offer discount opportunities in hopes of closing more sales to achieve year-end goals.

But discounting under duress encourages prospects to wait to make decisions throughout the year, and simultaneously devalues your product or business.

Rather than relying on discounts to finish the year strong, look under every rock for new opportunities:

  • Proposals that didn’t close and leads that stalled earlier in the year.
  • Consider prospects lost, and even leads never called.
  • Follow up with clients that said “no” or made another decision – see how the incumbent has performed.
  • Comb through LinkedIn for client connections that may have changed companies, industries, or positions.
  • Look for industry or trade groups’ holiday parties to attend and network.

Fill the funnel so discounting isn’t necessary if prospects are holding off on decisions. Remember that January is right around the corner and you can set yourself up for a fast start to the new year by continuing to carve out time for prospecting thru December. You can uncover last-minute wins for this year, and exciting new opportunities for next year. If the funnel is full, you don’t have to discount to reach your sales and revenue goals.

There’s no reason to freak out (yet) because you’re seeing turkeys and tinsel. Create your 4th quarter playbook with smart and strategic sales plays.

Until next time, stop hoping and start SELLING!


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