7 Cool Tools to Increase Your Business WOW Factor

7 Cool tools to Increase your business WOW

Getting your message across, being heard, being seen . . . it’s pretty tough today as we are bombarded with messages from every direction.

What makes your message special?

How do you make a great impression?

Here are 7 Cool Tools to increase your WOW Factor:

  1. Connecting to groups through email? Save yourself some gray hair by switching to Emma, email marketing. Its designs are cleaner and it’s much easier to use than MailChimp or Constant Contact. (That’s how we design and send our newsletter, The Pipeline.)
  2. Get a better open rate by running your subject lines or titles through the Free Headline Analysis Results from the Advanced Marketing Institute. This tool calculates your EMV (Emotional Marketing Value).
  3. Designing digital flyers is much less painful with Smore—free templates and easy editing, sharing and uploading. We use this for our program flyers such as The Tuesday Morning Crunch.
  4. Word cloud fun—input your website or text to Wordle to create a visual of your key words.
  5. Thanks to some recent encouragement, I’ve started sending Video Email through BombBomb. It’s easy to upload and use PLUS, you can track when the emails are opened and video is played. A great way to connect to prospects or clients.
  6. Need a product or business name? This cool little tool at Wordoid can help you get creative and check out if the domain name is available.
  7. Want to get the Ooooh and Ahhh from your presentation? Prezi is like power point with smooth animation—worth spending the extra time to create a real WOW impression.

Here’s to upping your game, reaching more people and sharing your messages!

What other great resources do you use to help you be more visible? Share below!

Until next time, keep kickin’ butt!

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