Showing Up for all the Wrong Reasons

Are you showing up for the WRONG Reasons?

Let’s do a reality check.

Your Customers Know If You’re Showing Up for All the Wrong Reasons.

They can smell it. Even on the phone.

Self-serving sellers show up for all the wrong reasons.

It’s what goes through buyers’ minds when they pick up the phone: “Is this person going to waste my time?”

We filter our future actions based on our previous experiences.

If your customers’ prior experiences have taught them that sellers are unprepared, pushy, or not knowledgeable about their organization, industry, or role – they’re not going to expect anything different from you.

Unless you show up different, for different reasons, you will get their standard initial reaction or brush off.

What is your reason for picking up the phone or pounding out that email to potential customers?

Is it to serve your customers?

Is it to help them make great decisions?

Is it to give them insights or bring them information to help them do their job?

Or, is it to try to close a deal, to make a sale, to hit your quota?

Selling is a service to customers.

Think “Service” and “Helping” first.

What does that mean to your customers?

It’s not techniques and manipulation. You have to earn their trust – better yet, OVERCOME their distrust with a genuine reason for calling, leverage your credibility, reference your successes, offer customized insights . . .

Start with the ways you can be of service – caring about the job your customers have to do and how they need to make it happen.

When you show up for the right reasons, you are harder to ignore.

Until next time, stop hoping, start SELLING!


PS – How do YOU show your customers you’re there for the right reasons? For more ideas and humorous thoughts on this topic – head over to this edition of The SellOut Show where my co-host, Dianna Geairn, and I hash this out!

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