Are You Being TRANSPARENT to Increase Trust?

Everyone is talking about transparency—from the NFL to Corporate policies, to your love life and relationships, being Transparent is not new but receiving increased importance when we factor it in our equation of Trust.

With access to nearly unlimited information on products, services, companies and people, information is no longer the key of the seller to unlock a buyer’s value vault. Leverage has shifted and information is now the muscle of the buyers.

Consumers now, DEMAND to see what’s behind the company curtain. They are not fooled by the Great Oz, they want access and visibility to understand everything about your business – from who sits on your Board of Directors to your position on fair wages and employee benefits, this great age of Transparency leaves little room for ambiguity amongst consumers.

People are either going to love you for what you are, or they’re going to hate you for it. If you’re not generating a negative response from someone, you’re not fascinating anyone {Sally Hogshead- “How to Fascinate”}.

We want to know for what and for whom you stand for so that we, as consumers, can decide if we support and endorse your values and align them with ours. With the great mountain of options in any product or category now, if customers are ambivalent about you, your business doesn’t exist, it’s not generating advocates or compelling consumers.

So what does Transparency in Business look like to consumers?

*An open kitchen in a restaurant
*Highlighting local vendor or partner relationships
*Introducing customers to their production or operations team
*Open discussions about pricing or fees
*Thoroughly outlining processes and time frames
*Sharing your corporate culture and values
*Demonstrating your experience and areas of expertise
*Candid collaboration with experts

How can you increase your transparency to up your level of trust with customers?

Until next time, keep kickin’ butt!


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Straightforward, practical and perhaps slightly cheeky, Shawn Karol Sandy's innate gift is helping people find new ways to solve old problems, unique ways to approach new problems and helping businesses re-invent themselves and their sales strategies. With Bold and Brave thought leadership and Clear Action Plans, her impact on business is Measurable and Meaningful and will lead your sales revolution to growth and revenue goals.

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