Is Your Digital Personality Selling You Short?

There’s much debate about the exact percentage of search and buying decision that happens before a decision is made or a company is engaged but, say these numbers are skewed give or take 10%, you’re still in a pickle if your Digital Personality is showing up in its pajamas for your interview:

*67% of a Buyer’s Journey is done Digitally.
*Online Searches an Executives First Course of Action.
{7/13—Megan Heuer, SiriusDecisions, blog}

So, what happens when that Executive begins his/her search. These are the questions they face—

Do they know where to look?
What answers do they need?
What information do they need to make a decision?
Who can provide them with the information and guidance?

Is that person you? Is that person your business?

We’re not going to get into Search Engine Optimization, but let’s assume that Executive can find you and/or your business.

What does your Digital Personality say about you?

The Bad Cropped Profile pic

Your Image—Can we see your eyes? Your face? Your smile? Your Confidence, Professionalism, Credibility, Honesty, Dependability?

Are you using professional images in your profile pictures? Or, are you expecting the candid, cropped picture from Larry’s backyard barbecue to create a first impression worthy of your professional reputation for you?

To quote professional photographer and Image Specialist, Kim Garmon, from Ancora Studios, You wouldn’t show up to a job interview in your pajamas or sweatpants, would you? When people go to the web to scope you out, you are missing a HUGE opportunity if you don’t have a photo that nails your first impression.

Make sure your Photos and Logos are worthy of your first impressions and used consistently and updated regularly to reflect your current image. It’s worth every penny to pay a professional to create the images that represents your professional brand.

Your Voice—What do you know? What is your opinion? Where is your expertise? How do you solve problems? What results do you get?

Keeping with the idea that your Digital Personality is the first point of contact and makes your first impression, in addition to your image, prospective buyers {or employers} are also looking to hear your Voice.

What do you comment about on LinkedIn? What articles do you share? What features have you written or blogged? What client results have you shared or featured on your website? Whom have you endorsed? With whom do you partner? {Conversely, they’ll see the good as well as the potentially bad – What opinions would turn buyers off? What statements demonstrate lack of tact or diplomacy?}

Putting your voice out there on your digital channels gives buyers insight into what it’s like to work with you and your company. Buyers want to “try before they engage” so they don’t waste their time with a business or rep who wouldn’t be a good fit or be able to assess and provide solutions in an efficient and cost effective experience. Essentially, they’re pre-qualifying you through your Digital Personality.

Give yourself the best advantage possible by using all your Digital Channels to promote your business voice. Be Clear, Be Consistent, Be Authentic and Be Engaging.

When your image and voice nail your first impression in the Digital World, you can quickly establish trust and credibility which makes building business relationships faster and easier for both parties.

Don’t show up in your digital pajamas. Show up as the Extraordinary Resource that you are!

{And here’s your bonus tip—80% of Employers Google Job Seekers before inviting them for an interview}

Until next time, keep kickin’ butt!

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