Who’s Going to Stop You? {Don’t Let It Be You}

Inspiration to be boldI’ve had the privilege of meeting and talking with thousands of people over the course of my career in sales, leadership and development. These last several years, as the pieces of The Selling Agency started fitting together and forming in the background of my life, I began a transformation that would ultimately drive me to shake off all conventional thoughts about what a sales career or consulting business should look like.

I started carrying around this quote by Ayn Rand—wearing it, like a boxer’s robe ready to enter the ring:

The Question isn’t, “Who is going to let me?” It’s “Who is going to STOP me?”

I began to paint again, because I love it. I call myself an “Artist” because I believe it. I stopped believing that other people could qualify me, label me, or worst of all, contain me.

Sharing my experience and knowledge about Sales, Strategy, Leadership and Development—which I have always done—began to be more paramount to “who I am” rather than being “what I do.” And how I’m doing it, well, that rocks the socks off a lot of people—which tells me I’m forging a path in the right direction.

So now more than ever, as advisor, strategic partner, consultant or friend, the most common advice, no, the most important course of action I prescribe for someone is to Be Bold.  Start Something.  Try.  Who’s Going to Stop YOU?

Hopefully, the answer to that question is not you, yourself. What happens if it doesn’t work? What happens if people don’t like your ideas? How terrible is a mistake? Chances are, even if you fail or go down in flames miserably, the lessons learned and knowledge gained will be the most invaluable thing you can do. And, people will remember that YOU were bold for TRYING. Most people are frozen in Inaction and just . . . don’t. do. anything.

So, I’m imploring you, Do Something! Create Something.  Challenge Something {or Someone}. Start a Ruckus! Looking for a starting point?

  • Companies can give you raises {Despite the pay scale you think you’re locked in to} Ask for what you want and quantify the value you contribute.
  • You can create your own job title or job description {Why should it be one description fits all?} Take the reigns of Leadership.
  • Build and create what’s never been done {People are scared of the unfamiliar} Someone has to be first!

Don’t be the critic inside your own head, stopping you from being who you want to be or doing what you want to do and CERTAINLY don’t let other people tie you to their limited expectations.

The Chains that prevent us from being free

“Sometimes the chains that prevent us from being free are more mental than physical.”

So, what tethers you to the status quo?  What can you do about it?

Who’s going to stop YOU?

Until next time, keep kickin’ butt!

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Straightforward, practical and perhaps slightly cheeky, Shawn Karol Sandy's innate gift is helping people find new ways to solve old problems, unique ways to approach new problems and helping businesses re-invent themselves and their sales strategies. With Bold and Brave thought leadership and Clear Action Plans, her impact on business is Measurable and Meaningful and will lead your sales revolution to growth and revenue goals.

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