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Advice from The No. 1 Best Seller (And The Ultimate Cold Call)

If you didn’t catch on when I shared our Red Carpet Review of the best sales movies, let me catch you up:

I’m doing a weekly video show with The Irreverent Sales Girl, Dianna Geairn. It’s “The SellOut Show” – because if we were a live show with an audience, we’d surely always be sold out. So.Many.Metaphors.Here.

Anyway, this past week, we did something rather interesting. Dianna, who is phenomenal at prospecting (in fact, that’s exactly what she does for her clients), decided to introduce a segment where we “Suprised” a guest by calling them and asking them to drop what they’re doing and join us in our recorded call right then and there.

Yes. This is pretty much the ultimate cold call.

  • Calling someone.
  • Unexpected.
  • Interrupting whatever it is they’re doing.
  • Asking them if they’d take the time to join us right now.
  • And answer questions around their expertise that they’ve not previously prepared answers to.

I was game. This is bold and right up my ally.

So, WHO is our “Suprised” guest who said “Yes?”

Hint: He has a new book that’s just dropped, “The No. 1 Best Seller” and we asked him, “What would be the most important thing you’d tell sellers NOT to do!”

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to see why we’re so excited and WATCH THIS EPISODE!

Who did we cold call?

I’ll be reading Lee’s book and writing a review on it here on the blog. Subscribe to our Email (top of this post, right hand side) for an opportunity to win a copy for yourself!

Until next time, stop hoping and start SELLING!



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